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       Hi, welcome to KRPetz - Working K9's. We started out as KRPetz, a pet-sitting company back in 1992. We had a small group of people whom needed their dogs taken out in the middle of the day, due to our lovely DC traffic and being away from their homes for long hours each day. In 1997 we moved to Ohio and became KRPetz - Omega Refuge. We specialized in rescuing the wolf and wolf hybrid. In 2000 we branched off to KRPetz - Omega Refuge & Working K9's, where we not only continued rescuing wolf hybrds but also branched off into the hard to handle dog, mainly German Shepherds and Malinois. Dogs that were either too aggressive for their owners to handle, too aggressive for a shelter to place, or were just too high drive for the normal home. The dogs would then be trained and given a job to do, mainly police work or SAR. In 2004 we relocated back to VA and became KRPetz - Working K9's, concentrating more on training dogs then rescuing them. We still help out when needed with rescues, but are no longer as active as we used to be. We continue to specialize in the hard to handle dog, and continue to train dogs in sport and protection/police work.
       The owner is a certified K9 Handler/Training. She lost her K9 partner (her German Shepherd) in June 2009.  She now has a Dutch Shepherd puppy she is training dual purpose.   She has been working with dogs most of her life, specializing in aggressive and hard to handle animals, and has owned and trained many dogs in her life. She has rescued dogs for close to 17 years and has helped with the rescue of horses. She LOVES Animals.(esp. wolves, dogs, & horses.) and has owned several police trained K9's, as well as many different breeds of dogs, and a few horses. She is now down to just a Pomeranian and her K9 partner.
Some of the dogs we have had in the past, and our current dogs

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