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We are looking for police, protection, and possibly SAR candidates,
Dogs that qualify are:

Purebreds, or look pure (Labs, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Dobermans, Rotties)
HIGH prey, play, ball drive, High energy level, High hunt (will search for the ball no matter what)
Between 1-3 yrs of age
Very confident, willing to go anywhere, walk on anything
Social, but if protective thats fine
Healthy, no hip problems, or other injuries

If your dog is too much for you and you are looking for an alternative to dumping in a shelter, or putting down,
please fill out an Application for Working Placement, THANKS

The dogs will be evaluated for where they would best be suited, then they will be placed with a dept to train, or will be trained and then placed with a handler, they will reside in the home as part of the family.
When it comes time for the dog to retire from duty, the dog will remain with the handler and family,
or be returned to KRPetz - Omega Refuge & Working K9's to be placed in an approved home,
most stay with the handler and family.

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